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Discover Your Name Necklace in Different Materials

Name Necklace in Different Materials
Personalisation is our specialty, and one of our most favourite pieces is the name necklace. Our vast collection of name necklaces includes many of different materials, sizes, and fonts; made to suit different personalities and style. At MyNameNecklace, find your name necklace that makes you shine.

Name Necklace in Silver

Sensuous silver pieces highlight every ensemble and brightens your overall classic appearance. Wearing a silver name necklace is a safe option to match with any outfit without looking ‘overdone’. Silver necklaces looks magnificent paired with black and cold colours, resulting in a fancy neckline. Any shades of white as well is a great combination with a silver necklace, and to create a trendier look, mix brighter colors such as turquoise or orange. For a night look, opt to layer your silver name necklace with other pieces of jewellery that include gemstones such as diamonds or rubies. Find the necklace that fits your look from our name necklaces in silver collection.

Name Necklace in Gold

"Discover your golden dream with name necklaces in gold. One of the largest jewellery trends today, wearing gold pieces is an essential to your everyday wardrobe. The media has participated and editorialise this trend with fashion influencers draping themselves in gold jewellery from head to toe- especially gold name necklaces layered with other chains. A gold name necklace is the perfect starting piece to be the focal point of your look. Explore 10ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold name necklaces from our gold name necklaces collection and choose the necklace that makes you shine with beauty.

Name Necklace in Gold Plating

Gold necklaces are elegant and suits various type of outfits. Since it is the most popular option amongst many, is exactly the reason why gold-plated jewellery is such an affective advantage, as it has the same appearance as solid gold jewellery but is a more budget-friendly option. Gold-plated necklaces are made from a base of sterling silver, and its surface is covered with a very thin layer of gold, which is called plating. Gold plated necklaces are very strong and durable and come in many different designs and its golden glow will enhance your look. To make all your gold visions come to life, explore our gold-plated name necklaces collection and become a golden sight to see!

Name Necklace in White Gold

Although many are familiar with gold and silver, white gold has become a popular choice of metal for jewellery. White gold is made up of pure gold, mixed with alloy metals that have a silver-white colour such as pallidum and silver. It is the perfect choice for those who to prefer a white, silvery appearance from yellow gold. It has a neutral colour that makes it look timeless and beautiful for any occasion and outfit. Our white gold name necklaces collection includes 10ct and 14ct white gold name necklaces amongst other styles.

Name Necklace in Rose Gold Plating

Choosing a different colour of gold is a great way to keep your look from being too predictable. Rose gold is a magnificent choice because it has the warmth of yellow gold but also provides a style statement. This blush-coloured metal first made its appearance in Russia when famed jeweller Carl Fabergé began incorporating the metal in his designs in the late 1800’s. From there, the metal took off around the world and fell into favor amongst many. Rose gold offers a beautiful and feminine canvas for a personalised name necklace. Discover 18ct rose gold name necklaces, amongst other styles from our rose gold name necklaces collection.

Name Necklace with Diamonds

Frost yourself! Diamond name necklaces will never go out of style and are a jewellery-box staple. A charming gift that will last for years to come, a diamond name necklace is of high-quality that everyone needs to invest in for their collection. With a dainty appearance worn on its own, or dressed up layered with other pendants, this piece suits every style; after all, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend. At MyNameNecklace, our necklaces from our diamond name necklaces collection, are unique. Necklaces with all over diamonds are available or, if you choose to opt for a more minimalistic look, dot the ‘i’ in your name with a diamond or pick to have just the first letter of your name to be covered with diamonds.

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