Top 10 Jewellery Trends for Winter 2017

Top 10 Jewellery Trends for Winter 2017

Winter is well on its way and not only have the leaves changed but we’re changing our style! With the winter chills about to hit we know how important it is for you to stay up-to-date on all the latest and hottest trends from the runways. Designers are definitely not afraid to start experimenting and stretching the boundaries and neither should you be. Style is about celebrating who we are and we have the best 10 ways for you to do exactly that.
  1. Chokers

    No, they won’t choke your style. Although we saw this 90’s fashion rehash last season, it looks like the choker seeds are continuing to grow. Evolving from the standard black wrap around or thin straps we just got accustomed to, this season’s choker necklace is wild, eccentric, and unafraid to make a statement. Whether you’re going for the bondage look, elegant strip, or a chunky brutha from another mutha – your choker is set to grab the attention when you walk in any room.

  2. Miss-Matched Earrings

    We’ve all hailed the mix and match moto but now has come the time to embrace the mix and don’t match moto. How dare we you say? Dare we may! This season’s hottest ear trend (it’s a thing) is the mixing of unmatched earrings. One big one small… one short one tall… everything goes as long as it doesn’t… get what I’m sayin? Combine this with the personalised earring trend and your festival season ready in a snap!

  3. Hello Pendants

    We’ve all heard the term wear your heart on your sleeve, well these days it’s more like wear something the size of your heart around your neck. In a world where bigger is better there’s no reason our necklaces collection should be left behind. This season’s pendants are bold, big, colorful and perhaps a little heavy but hey, no pain no gain right?

    TMulti-Tone Family Tree Necklace
  4. Ear Cuffs

    You don’t have to get five holes pierced in your ears to enjoy more than just the one studded look. Ear Cuffs are a great way to celebrate all that is unique about your special lobe. Dress your ear with colored gems, hanging chains, or zig zag metals - one ear or two! Pair this look with this season’s favorite side part and your set to go. Winter, ear we come!

  5. Why Stop At One

    Ever looked at a collection of bracelets in the store and think wow these look so great together how could I possibly choose one? Well now you don’t have to! Take ‘em all I say and have yourself an arm party. This trend is all about layering them up. Don’t be afraid to mix and match stones, sizes and shapes to give your arm stack some texture and style! Mix and match means you can sneak in your perfect personalised bracelet to add your unique style to the bunch!

    Multiple Infinity Bracelets
  6. Massive Earrings

    Dumbo had it right all along, the bigger our ears look the better! With this season’s ear obsession, our lobes are proving to be an important fashion backdrop. This trend is not for the weak, work those ear muscles because you’ll need them to hold up all those massive earrings! Perfect for drawing attention up to your gorgeous face (where it should be), this trend will keep you framed and flaunting for the coming season.

  7. Like a Prayer

    Because Madonna will never go out of fashion, crosses will always be in. Although a religious mark for Christianity, the evolution of cross jewelry has rather seen it extended as a sign of spirituality and solidarity. Infamously worn by Madonna, cross collections have made a comeback this season with even bigger and bolder designs. From embedded gems in gold cross earrings to prominent cross pendants, this stylish accessory will radiate your inner spirit regardless of your religious affiliations.

    Cross Necklace
  8. Anklets

    With the boot season about to set in it’s easy to neglect that part of our body that we might seem all too eager to cover up. Remember style is something to be celebrated around the house as well on the go. So make sure that when you air your dainty ankles, you look super stylish while you do! Anklets are the perfect way to give yourself some foot candy while keeping up to date with the hottest trend literally walking the runway.

  9. Matchy Matchy Arms

    In a world that’s going a-wall with the a-symmetrical movement it’s nice to see some symmetry creeping its way back in. This trend makes sure that we keep grounded and balanced with matching bracelets on each arm. The symmetrical look works especially well with personalised and initial bracelets combined with chunky bands set with gems or stones.

  10. Tassles

    With so much focus on revamping the 90’s punk look, it’s fun to take a breather and know that we can still be in touch with our inner bohemian beauty. This evolving trend is the perfect way to make sure our spirit guide is connected to our fashion soul. Tassel your way into any situation, whether it is hanging from your purse, dropping off the side of your hand cuff or swaying to and fro from your ears. Let your inner bohemian beauty run wild.

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