5 Personalised Christmas Gifts for Kids

5 Personalised Christmas Gifts for Kids

Unique, creative, and sure to be appreciated, personalised Christmas gifts for kids come in an amazing array of colours, shapes and sizes! While children tend to love presents no matter what, they enjoy having items that have been personalised with their names. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for kids of all ages.

Fun Jewellery

As personalised Christmas gifts for kids goes, jewellery stands out as a clear favorite. Like DIY gifts, kids name necklaces are thoughtful, and come in a fantastic array of designs to suit any little one’s style. Bracelets, birthstone necklaces, and even rings show how much you love the children in your life, and they are certain to be treasured in return!

Meaningful Family Jewellery

Personalised Christmas gifts for kids aren’t just for the littlest members of your gift list! These gifts are also wonderful for older children, especially high schoolers who enjoy latching onto the latest trends. For older kids, consider infinity jewellery, which is both popular and meaningful. Family tree jewellery is also very popular, with designs that appeal to all ages. For older boys, check out personalised dog tags, number necklaces, and monogrammed bracelets.

Scrapbooks and Albums

What better time to begin making memories than as a child? Scrapbooks and albums can be personalised beautifully, and best of all, they can be added to over time. No matter what your budget, it’s easy to create a custom made album or scrapbook, complete with a few family photos to help get things moving. A scrapbook or album makes a thoughtful second gift to accompany something else, and it’s also just the thing for hiding smaller items such as gift certificates, camera memory cards, and other little extras inside.

Pillows, Blankets, and Stuffed Animals

Very young children love cuddly things, so why not consider a special pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal with the child’s name embroidered on it? Customised dolls make fun Christmas gifts, too.

Play Sets and Toyboxes

From special table and chair sets and large toyboxes to small kits with plastic toys inside, these items are fun to give to children who enjoy playing indoors. For those who like outdoor fun, consider a beach chair or a chaise lounge for hanging out next to the pool. While these gifts don’t offer the same longevity as jewelery and scrapbooks, they are certainly fun while they last.

Want to make a real impression? Why not create a gift basket with a selection of DIY gifts for Christmas? You’ll make Santa proud.

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