10 Reasons Why Mum is the Best

10 Reasons Why Mum is the Best

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! It’s time for us to start thinking about how to celebrate our mums. They really are quite awesome, aren’t they? They clean up after us when we are sick while never having a “sick day” of their own, they always laugh at our jokes, no matter how bad they are (and sometimes they are really bad), and in our younger years, they sang amazing renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while simultaneously reminding us that there’s no such thing as the monster under the bed. Personalised jewellery makes a perfect gift to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her.
  1. Mums are Glamourous!

    All girls remember trying on our mums’ heels and aspiring to have fabulous shoes like those in our own closets! As we got a bit older, our mums tried to buy us clothing in the latest styles, and even when we didn’t like it so much, we knew that it was the thought that counted while we perhaps held onto the secret hope that she kept the receipt! Mums always try to look their best as well, and of course we understood that they didn’t purposefully embarrass us by choosing things that might not have been quite our style. Why not thank her by making her wardrobe extra special with a personalised mother necklace to complement her favourite outfits?

  2. Every Mum is a Superwoman!

    While planning your wedding or birthday, mum simultaneously handled the laundry, chatted on the phone, cleaned the house, and watched her favourite TV show, all while adding to the weekly grocery list so conveniently held in her memory. Whatever you needed done, mum took care of right away – and if you ask her to, she’ll continue to help you even though you’ve left the nest.

  3. No One Makes Better Chocolate Chip Cookies Than a Mum

    The extra ingredient? It’s called love – and it makes those cookies all the tastier. If you’re lucky enough to be there, she’ll even let you lick the bowl. Speaking of those sweet, round morsels of chocolate chippy goodness, why not treat mum to a circle pendant necklace. It’s a nice way to say thanks for all the TLC she gave you over the years.

  4. When You’re Hurting, Your Mum is There for You

    Mums are always ready to soothe hurt feelings, kiss bruises, and patch up little cuts and scrapes. Whether you’re 5, 12, 26, or 32, your mum has the power to help you feel better.

  5. Mums Always Feed Us, No Matter Our Age

    When you come home from university for the weekend or pop by for a quick visit, mum loves to treat you to your favourite foods! Come hungry, because she loves to see you enjoy the wonderful meals she makes.

  6. Mums Give You Free Storage Space

    Mums always let us store our spare “junk” in their homes. Those articles of clothing, pieces of jewellery, and various knick knacks you don’t want to take with you but don’t want to give up, she will happily store on your behalf. Of course, she may jokingly ask you from time to time when you’re planning to pick up your stuff! Treat her to photo jewellery and don’t be surprised if she happily keeps your childhood bedroom ready for your visits.

  7. Mums are Always There to Lend an Ear

    No one has a better ear to listen to your complaining than your mum! Whether it’s about a bad birthday present your boyfriend gave you, horrible grades on a report, or the fact that you didn’t get a raise at work, she will always listen and give you the advice you need on what to do next.

  8. Mums Make Laundry Smell Amazing!

    How do they do it? We’ll never know – but if you don’t want to do laundry while at university, you can always take it home to mum. She may complain about doing it, but in truth she’s happy for an excuse to see you.

  9. To a Mum, You’re Always Beautiful

    You might worry about your looks, but mum loves you just the way you are. Of course, she’ll always be honest if something you are wearing isn’t quite flattering, or if a new hair colour just isn’t right for you.

  10. Mums Love You Unconditionally!

    There’s no better reason than that!

Your mum is the best – and with all she has done for you (and all the things she continues to do), she deserves some pampering this Mother’s Day! Whether it’s with a beautiful, sparkling birthstone necklace or trendy, go-with-everything stackable mother rings, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Who knows? You might even be rewarded with a fresh batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookies!

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