How to say "Thank You" to Your Bridesmaids

By Anna Perkins

bridesmaids jewellery gift - MyNameNecklace AU Your bridesmaids are your closest friends who stand next to you during your big day. They are the ones who make sure you get to the event on time and you are at your absolute best. They are the women you trust through thick and thin. Of course you have to say “Thank You” for being there next to you on your big day. The perfect bridesmaid gift should not only be a remembrance of the day, but a token of appreciation for their time and effort. These special gifts are often handed out during the rehearsal dinner during the “Thank You” toast.

These gifts should be special and timeless. Something they can always look at and remember when they got it and the special day attached to it. One of the best options is jewellery. It should be something that not only matches the bridesmaids dresses but something they can wear afterwards with any outfit in their closet. But rather than get every one of them the same thing, why not get them a piece of personalised bridesmaids jewellery gift? Something that is theirs to have, that is personal to them. It shows that you put in a lot of time and thought to get the best possible gift.

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One of the most popular personalised gift ideas for bridesmaids is an Infinity Name Necklace. A beautiful infinity necklace or an infinity bracelet would look perfect with any bridesmaid dress. Infinity jewellery comes in gold and silver, so you can match it to each woman’s personal preference. Also, you can choose a generic chain length that would be good for everyone.

Another great gift idea is a beautiful name necklace. Get one for each of your bridesmaids with their name on it. Any bridesmaid would love and appreciate the simple yet elegant gift of a name necklace. With a variety of font designs available, you can choose one font for all the girls, or choose the best font that goes with each girl and their personality and personal style.

Just remember when ordering personalised jewellery to give yourself time to make sure it comes before your wedding date. It is always beneficial to spend a little more and go with any express shipping option! This way you know your gifts will come in time to say “Thank You” to all your amazing bridesmaids!

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